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Photo tour Honolulu's Chinatown and downtown

Spent a few hours walking around downtown Honolulu and visiting its large Chinatown district. Honolulu's downtown is quite a mix of old and new, business, financial, and residential. It is a living downtown that does not just wake up at 9 am and go to sleep at 5 pm. Here are some Hawaii photos!

Does your downtown have coconut trees?

One of many pocket park areas with gardens and shade.

At the fabulous free-admission State Art Museum, this fabulous room is's restroom!

Hawaii flowers arrangement at the Honolulu downtown YWCA

Honolulu has a huge Chinatown district with a long history. Here is one of hundreds of veggie markets.

How about some dragon fruit or mangoes?

Thousands of fish in dozens of fish stands. Wonder what happens to all the fish they do not sell?

Not sure what these are. Not snails. Limpets/Opihi? Waiting for you to eat them.

Marinated squid with cukes and onions. Very popular!

One of hundreds of market stalls. Surely you need something? I bought clothes pins

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