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Watch this how to batik video to see me make batik  combined with heat press transfers to make a painting.

A search for batik on the internet will turn up hundreds of sites telling all about the different kinds of batik and  how to do it.

 How to Batik - Video (5:59)

Learn how to batik and combine batik with heat transfer images.

You can see many of our batiks in the Hawaii Batik Paintings gallery. 

Be sure to see them. Batik is a versatile and fun way to do art.

What is Batik?

Batik is a Southeast Asian name given to a process called "resist" coloring of substances, usually fabric. One applies melted wax, grease, glue or other material to the fabric. This seals the fabric so when one applies dye coloring to the fabric it will not color the part that is protected by the "resist".

After repeated applications of dye and the resist medium, the resist medium is removed, leaving your design in the fabric.

wax to make batiks
Melt wax
dyes to make batik
tools to apply batik wax
Apply wax
Apply dyes
remove wax from batik
Remove wax
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