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Hawaii flowers - Lei Day Celebration in Waikiki - Part 1

Lei Day in Hawaii is an official holiday to celebrate making and wearing leis, originally traditional Hawaiian garlands of flowers, made from blossoms, vines, leaves and other organic items. Leis were given as gifts and offerings in various ceremonies and are now usually known as something to be worn about the neck and shoulders. This year, 2017, marks the 90th anniversary of Lei Day.

Lei Day Kapiolani park, waikiki

Welcome to Lei Day! (PS - I did not make this poster, it was the official poster.)

hawaii flowers Lei Day celebration waikiki

Diamond Head as the backdrop for Kapiolani Park Lei Day celebration. Corn is not native to Hawaii.

Lei contest Lei Day Kapiolani Park waikiki

Judging Leis on display. This long wall with the thatched cover is lined with leis made and entered in the lei making contest. There must 1000 leis and the line of people viewing. goes way off the picture to the right.

Leis on display at Lei Day

Leis do not have to be made with flowers. These leis are knitted and woven with various fibers and fabrics.

leis on display at lei day

More non-flower leis. They keep forever, unlike flowers that wilt and wither away.

leis on display at lei day

Shopper choosing a lei. These leis sold for $35...and up.

bob the t shirt guy at lei day kapiolani park waikiki

Yoshie, Kini, and Bob the t shirt guy. Lots of crafters selling their wares.

Be sure to check back soon for Part 2 of Lei Day Celebration. More pics!

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