top banner hawaii loves art the artist at an art show  buy custom art and photo pillows buy custom hawaii loves art aloha shirts we print your art and photos on canvas, satin cloth, and pillows
  • Hawaii Loves Art designs and prints its own images on canvas for you. This way we can control quality. We do not use third party printers or sources for our prints.

  • Our canvas prints are mirror-wrap gallery style for a 3/4 inch deep stretcher bar. The image will wrap around the side of the stretcher bar with additional white canvas for stapling on the back. Your print stretcher bar size will be length X width X 3/4 inch.(For example, 16 x 20 x 3/4 inches.)

  • Prints can be stretched on commercial stretcher bars from a local art supply store. These inexpensive bars are easily assembled and secured with a few large staples at each corner to keep them from flexing when the canvas is stretched. You can also make your own bars using 1 x 2 x 3/4 from your local lumber supply store. Prints may also be stretched at your local frame shop.

  • Canvas prints have a varnish type coating to reduce UV light fading and to protect the image from damage. Do not display your print in direct sunlight. They need to be handled with care to avoid damage while stretching or hanging.

  • Prints are shipped in tubes. Cost of shipping and handling is included in your price.

  • We can print many designs at large sizes. Contact us if you see a design you would like to have at a larger size/dimension.

  • Some images may have small title and copyright text at the bottom on the front.

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