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Do you sell to only the USA 50 states ? We sell and ship to areas served by normal rates charged by the US Postal Service, where inspection and special charges do not apply.

What about shipping?  - Shipping is a big cost. We use USPS proof of delivery method for most items, to protect you. You can pay extra for UPS or FedEx type shipping if you want.
When will you ship our order? - We prepare each item when your payment has cleared our bank. Please allow 2 weeks after that to ship your order, though it will usually be much sooner.

What about multiple orders of the same item? - Some items may be discounted depending on the amount ordered. 

How about your digital art designs? - Current designs are combinations of original batik paintings and/or digital photos. 
Privacy statement, Terms & Conditions - Read our privacy statement as well as various terms and conditions for purchasing from our website here:  Terms
What about CUSTOM shirts, calendars, etc.? - We do some custom items for people in our local area.
What is batik?- Batik is a process using melted wax, dyes, and a substrate like fabric or paper. One alternates layers of wax and dye, then removes all or most of the wax, leaving an image.
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